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December 31, 2020

4th Annual Letter: Moss & Fintech

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The year gone was a very eventful one for Exante Data Inc. 

On the people front, we added a number of strategic hires, including Alex Etra, Brad Setser, and Grant Wilson (our updated org chart is here)

On the business front, we have developed several strategic partnerships with companies with unique access to proprietary data (we will announce this separately in coming weeks).

On the product front, we have built a number of new innovative tools for institutional investors, including Trade Balance NowCasts, Real Money FX Positioning Indices and an advanced CTA flow forecasting system. The attached video gives you a guided tour of some of the new elements of our Global Flow Analytics platform.   

In terms of business strategy, we continue to adopt as our industry is undergoing dramatic change. The overarching goal for 2020 will be to ‘democratize’ elements of our toolbox; allowing our insights to reach a broader audience via easy-to-access software.

Finally, we have moved offices, to the Assemblage (25th Street and Park Avenue). The new office is generally more zen and set up to allow contemplation. It even has moss on the walls to produce extra oxygen. We are confident that the moss will support our strategic thinking in 2020, and allow us to expand Exante into Fintech.

Jens Nordvig
Founder and CEO
Exante Data Inc.