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January 11, 2022

6th Annual Letter: Democratizing Research

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

How the future looked in 2016…

When I founded Exante Data in 2016, I wrote about the future of research, and how both analytical and organizational freedom were at the heart of building a superior research process.

I am very proud of what the Exante Data team has achieved over the past six years.

We have used our freedom to focus on what matters to our advantage. We have had to be nimble, and pivot many times, perhaps especially since the COVID shock.

We have also used our organizational freedom to build a team that is fast, dedicated and effective (and is having fun in the process!)

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, but it is worth it when you get great client feedback and when you see that other team members care as much as you do about the future of the firm.

But what does the future hold from here?

As entrepreneurs, it is up to us to define the future. We have big plans for democratizing investment research. We want to create great tools that make everybody smarter, and that help everybody understand markets better.

We are used to helping the most sophisticated asset managers around the world. But we want to find ways to help a much broader audience too.

We have been planning in this direction for some time, and we will roll out innovative new technology in 2022. It is fun to grow, and helping a lot of people in the process could be particularly rewarding.

I would like to personally thank employees, clients, advisors, vendors and investors for their continued support.

Jens Nordvig
Founder and CEO
Exante Data Inc.


For a more concrete summary of Exante Data’s achievements in 2021, see this write-up.

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