About Us

Exante Data was founded in 2016 by Jens Nordvig and delivers proprietary data and world-class analysis to institutional investors globally.

The mission of Exante Data is to provide better answers to key macro questions through superior data and analytics.

Exante Data helps investors generate alpha in global macro markets, by extracting relevant signals from vast sets of public and private data, with an overlay of human interpretation.

Our innovative tools and model outputs are made available to our clients to facilitate their own in-house research processes, including via API.

Exante Data provides a holistic service, ranging from proprietary data and analytics, thematic research and trade ideas, and to day-to-day interaction with our team of world-class analysts.


Exante Data serves the world’s most sophisticated investors using a combination of in depth data analytics and human conceptual thinking.


We have a global team of world-class full-time analysts, focusing on a set of themes where we have an edge and unique insights.


We view our client relationships as partnerships, and focus on long-term and in depth cooperation.

Exante Data Team