Jens Nordvig

Founder & CEO

Jens has an unbroken track record as leading markets strategist that spans well over two decades. For five years running, including the worst of the European financial crisis, Jens was the #1 ranked currency strategist by Institutional Investor. He was also awarded the Wolfson Economics Finalist Prize. Previously, Jens was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a Senior Investment Associate at Bridgewater Associates and Head of Fixed Income Research and Global Currency Strategy at Nomura Securities, before founding Exante Data in 2016. Jens is also at the forefront of using AI in connection with financial market analysis within MarketReader (a company he co-founded in 2021)

Jens holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Southern Denmark as well as a MA and BA degrees in economics from the University of Aarhus. He is a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and has published op-eds in The Financial Times. Jens is regularly interviewed by Barrons and Forbes. He is the author of The Fall of the Euro (2013).

You can find more information about his career and achievements on Wikipedia as well as profile interviews done on Bloomberg.