Wouter Jongbloed

Chief Operating Officer

Wouter has been with Exante Data since its inception. Along with his role as COO, he leads and develops the political and policy risk practice for Exante. He pays particular attention to the intersections of US, European and Chinese developments. His coverage of political and policy events are closely followed in real time by Exante clients and featured in international media.

Wouter holds a Doctorate from Columbia University in Law & Economics and worked closely with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz. While at Columbia, Wouter was a Dean’s Research Fellow where he conducted research on cross-border trade, international economic integration, and the digital economy with a special focus on US-EU and US-China economic relations. He also holds Master degrees in Law, Finance and Philosophy from Goethe University Frankfurt and Leiden University. Wouter is a published author with Oxford University Press on a variety of topics including sovereign investments as well as cross-border FDI.