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May 15, 2019

Announcement: Brad Setser Joins Exante Data As Senior Advisor

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

 We are very happy to announce that Brad Setser has joined Exante Data as a Senior Advisor this month. Brad has an impressive CV (see link) with a mix of official sector and private sector roles (US Treasury, NEC, NSC, Roubini Global Economics).

 Brad has been analyzing global capital movements for more than 20 years, and we regard him as one of the world’s top experts on this topic.

 We are excited to be able to leverage Brad’s expertise in dissecting, understanding and forecasting capital flows, as we look to improve our Global Flow Analytics platform further.

 Brad’s first research project for Exante Data has been focused on analyzing whether the data supports the narrative that China is starting to offload US assets. If you would like to see this research, please reach out to us.

 Jens Nordvig, CEO
Ankit Sahni, President & Head of Research