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April 21, 2022

Exante Data Spins Out MarketReader FinTech Venture

The vision of Exante Data has always been to use alternative data and a differentiated human strategy approach to help the most sophisticated investors in the world.

 For some time, we have been thinking about ways to add value for a much broader group of investors. Our solution is MarketReader.

 MarketReader leverages technology to pinpoint and explain market movements in near real time. We believe this tool has potential to be valuable to a very large audience. Moreover, we believe an algorithmic and multidimensional approach is the optimal way to capture the true underlying drivers of market movement. 

 In order to maximize the growth potential of Exante Data and accelerate the development of the MarketReader, we have determined it is most effective to run the two ventures separately.

 MarketReader is set up as a high growth FinTech company catering to a rapidly growing segment of global retail investors. The product will be a pure data/software solution, with no human overlay. And MarketReader will have its own management and advisory team (please follow MarketReader for further updates).

 Exante Data will continue to cater to the world’s leading institutional investors via a combination of in-depth data analysis, and human thinking and judgment (hopefully ex ante!), while also covering instruments not available to retail investors. We will continue to expand the Exante Data team to continuously improve our service.

 MarketReader is in the process of launching publicly, with key examples on twitter and LinkedIn over the past week. And you can also have a sneak peak at an initial fragment of the product at 

 As a final note, it is worth mentioning that as a high growth tech platform, we plan to raise external capital for MarketReader to aggressively build out the product and reach a large audience. If you are interested in learning more about MarketReader and our upcoming capital raise, please contact

 Jens Nordvig
Founder and CEO of Exante Data Inc & MarketReader Inc.

 You can follow both Exante Data and MarketReader on social media here: