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July 27, 2022

Exante Data Staff and Advisor Announcements

We continue to grow the Exante Data team, both in terms of those directly involved in macro/markets analysis and those building background tech infrastructure.

On the tech front, recently, Shelby Soutter has joined as DevSecOps Engineer. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Shelby is responsible for managing and optimizing the backend infrastructure that supports both the frontend developers and Python Economists. She is focused on automation and migration to improve the client experience and speed of content delivery.

Earlier this year, Nelli Butenko joined as a Front End Developer based in New York City and María Paula Castañeda as a Python Economist based in Bogota, Colombia.

These hires will help us speed up the process of adding new functionality to our data platform/APIs, and assist us in responding nimbly to changing client demands.

Turning to our Advisors, we are promoting Chris Marsh to Chief Economic Advisor, formalizing his central role in mapping out our frameworks for global monetary policy and liquidity analysis. Chris is based in London.

Finally, Advisory Board member Grant Wilson, who stepped down as our Head of Asia Pacific at the end of April, is leading an activist shareholder campaign to change the management at TNG Limited, a listed critical minerals company in Australia. If successful, Grant will be taking on the role as Chair, and will be ideally placed to combine his macro insights on the region, with global supply chain dynamics in the sector, along with the geo-political aspects. Grant remains a member of the Advisory Board at Exante Data. We will aim to host a client conference call with Grans once the campaign has concluded (For further information see