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March 23, 2020

Exante’s COVID analysis featured in WIRED

We normally get quoted in the financial press (Bloomberg, WSJ, Reuters, CNBC, FT etc). But our use of alternative data is now also attracting attention in the ‘tech press’. 

 WIRED featured Exante Data in today’s piece about how alternative data is being used to get an edge in COVID analysis.

 Here are the quotes:

 “Who cares about GDP for Q2?,” says Jens Nordvig, CEO of New York-based data analytics company Exante Data, which has been monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak in China using, among other sources, GPS data from Chinese social network Baidu. “What we really care about is stuff like people’s movements, and how social distancing is working. And there’s incredible data available now, if you know how to use it.”

 That is why financial institutions, investors, companies, and insurers are turning to companies like Kaspr or Exante, specialised in analysing alternative data sources offering a fair proxy for how countries are grappling with the emergency. That can apply to social trends, like in Malaysia’s case, but more often it is about the economy.

 The full article is here.