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June 22, 2020

Jens Nordvig joined the Alpha Exchange Podcast with Dean Current to discuss the investment philosophy Exante Data uses to evaluate market risks associated with COVID19.


As our crisis series of the Alpha Exchange continues, I was pleased to have the opportunity to engage with Jens Nordvig, the founder and CEO of Exante Data. After stints at both Goldman Sachs and Nomura, Jens launched his independent firm in 2016 with an eye towards using a highly data driven approach to help institutional clients make sense of global economic developments and position portfolios accordingly. Our discussion focuses broadly on the notion of nonlinearity as it applies to asset markets, a key part of the investment philosophy Jens utilizes to evaluate risk and highly applicable to the current landscape of virus centric uncertainty. Harnessing new and extremely real-time data sets, Exante Data was decidedly early in understanding that Covid19 was going to be a big deal, globally, and that markets were failing to appreciate the risks. This disconnect and the potential troubles that lie ahead owe to the difficulty in appreciating the growth in processes like a virus that are exponential in nature. I think you will really enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my discussion with Jens Nordvig. 

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