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March 26, 2020

Letter: On the edge of public service

Since its founding in 2016, Exante Data has been focussed on serving the world’s most sophisticated investors. 

 But 2020 has been no normal year. Since late January, we have increasingly directed our entire team effort on analyzing the evolution of COVID.

 Since epidemiology is not our core expertise, we have tried to add value in the intersection between data tracking / modelling and the impact on markets and the economy. It is in this multidisciplinary space that we typically add the most value.

 But our research has also edged closer to public service than is normal for us:

 – Top epidemiologists from Imperial College published a paper this week using Exante’s data on people movement in China; to test whether COVID can remain contained in the face of economic normalization there.

 – Grant Wilson (Exante’s Head of Asia-Pac) has written a series of influential op-eds on COVID for the Australia Financial Review, and he was called on to brief the Standing Committee of Economics yesterday in Canberra.

 – We have added government officials and health experts to our daily COVID update, on a pro bono basis.

 – We have made a number of our metrics of social distancing publicly available on our twitter feed @exantedata, as a free service for the broader public, including policy makers and business managers, who are suddenly seeking insights from our alternative data.

 This is not a normal time. and we are adapting accordingly. We are trying to do ‘the right thing’, while at the same time running a commercial business. In parallel, we are learning that remote working actually brings the team closer together, and we are also feeling more closely connected with our clients than ever before. So that is a silver-lining, if there is one.

 If you think we can help, just reach out, and we will try.

 Jens Nordvig
Founder & CEO
Exante Data Inc.