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September 12, 2023

Michael Trounce joins Exante Data as a Global Client Advisor

We are happy to announce that Michael Trounce will be joining Exante Data as a Global Client Advisor!

Mike has an impressive resume, including a Founder role at Trounceflow and research leadership at JP Morgan and Standard & Chartered.

Michael has a unique expert skill set, spanning capital flows, emerging markets, and data science. We are excited to have Mike help engage with a global audience, as we expand our client footprint further.

Exante Data will continue to invest in our market-leading content while strengthening our service as we help the world’s most sophisticated investors succeed.

“We are excited to have Mike join our team to expand our global network. We want to lever Mike’s incredible energy to connect live with our clients around the world”, said Jens Nordvig, founder and CEO of Exante Data

“We have known Michael Trounce for many years, and we are grateful to now be able to leverage his unique skill-set within our team, as we expand our service to a truly global audience”, said Wouter Jongbloed, COO of Exante Data