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October 16, 2023

Video Call: When Will Rates Peak?

A few days ago, we held our “When Will Rates Peak?” call and it was the most attended client call ever. Thank you for discussing with us whether the rates peak is near.

The discussion focused around inflation, r* and AI, both from a historical and a flow perspective. Notably, productivity has bounced from the bottom, but we are a long way from 3-4% observed in the late 1990s. AI related investment is meaningful, but it is unclear the degree to which AI investment is substituting for other investment and when AI will bear its fruits. 

If you are already a client, you should have received in your inbox the recording and slides.

If you are not yet a client, we can potentially send you the recording and detailed presentation materials as a one-off (ping us, this is a very important juncture for fixed income right here!)

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